In the 12 years I worked in financial services I spent far too much time and money eating out in York, taking great pleasure in organising meals out and spending rather too much time replying to email requests for restaurant suggestions. Over that period the restaurant scene in York came on in leaps and bounds, leading us to a position now where food is central to York's appeal (to me at least!).

In 2014, after buckling to pressure from friends and family, I decided to start a food blog covering the restaurant scene in York. Since then, with the help of some fantastic contributors and collaborators York on a Fork has grown into the place to find out about food in York.

York on a Fork has been shortlisted in the O2 media awards for best Online Media, been quoted in the Guardian, published a printed version of the site and become a trusted source of information for the public in York.

I hope you enjoy reading, do get in touch if you have any recommendations or news!

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