Yorkshire Ice Cream

By on 18 Jan 2018

Brymor Dairy wants you to eat more ice cream! That might well be stating the obvious, but it's a greater challenge to rise to than it sounds as one of the key parts of the supply chain is a small herd of Guernsey cattle responsible for production of the key ingredient. With that in mind, Brymor have launched a new product that takes advantage of their existing facilities while using a more flexible supply chain to give the chance to expand production. Yorkshire Ice Cream is a new product that's made to the same recipe as Brymor but dispenses with the luxuriously creamy Guernsey milk, instead using more commonly found milk from Holstein Friesian cows. This means that a lot more of us can enjoy the product more regularly.

Guernsey Cow (with tongue)

Brymor has been in business since 1984, when it was founded by Brian Moore (who clearly donated his name to the business) as a dairy farm. They now use one of only five herds of Guernsey cows in the UK (the only herd in Yorkshire) to produce their distinctive, luxury ice cream under the Brymor brand. The dairy and visitor centre is based near Masham on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and offers plenty of space to relax and enjoy the surroundings while sampling the product. There's even the chance to say hello to a few animals and a soft play area for younger visitors. The business was taken over in 2014 by a local business man who remains keen to recognise the roots of the business while understanding the need for expansion. A strong family connection remains thanks, in part, to the continued involvement of Nicola Moore who is Operations Director.

Nicola Moore

The new product perfectly complements Brymor, fitting neatly into the role of being more widely available through a new distribution deal with Tesco, who are stocking Yorkshire Ice Cream in 36 stores across the Yorkshire region. It's made using the same methods and in the same facility as the established Brymor product and is available only in vanilla flavour for the moment, coming in a one litre container that reinforces its everyday nature, rather than Brymor's more 'special occasion' nature.

The new ice cream might be targeting a wider market, but the quality is still superb. I managed to have a good taste before my wife polished off the remaining majority of my sample tub, and thoroughly enjoyed it. While it may not be sensible to eat ice cream every day, Yorkshire Ice Cream is very much intended to be something to have on a day to day basis in the freezer ready to whip out and make a midweek dessert that bit more special.

Yorkshire Ice Cream is a great new brand and brilliant quality product at a great price. I hope to see it representing Yorkshire on a wider stage as its reputation spreads, but for the moment we can enjoy being able to get it in local Tescos around Yorkshire. It's certainly a good excuse to eat more ice cream, regardless of the weather!

Venue: Brymor Dairy